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How KJet use the Bushbuck Polar X Jacket

by staff member on July 29, 2020  in Bushbuck Puffer Jacketjet boatingKjetPolar X Puffer

KJet is New Zealand’s original jetboat ride, family-owned and operated and based in Queenstown, New Zealand. They are proud to be known as the world’s first commercial jetboat operator and have been since 1958.

Bushbuck Polar X Puffer Jacket & Kjet Queenstown

We were warmly welcome by the smiling team at Kjet, arriving down there on a brisk winter morning during the school holidays and it was great to see how busy they were without the large international tourist numbers you would usually expect to be on the boat pre - Covid-19. 

We were lucky enough to jump in on one of the jetboat trips, taking us up the Kawarau River at high speeds and performing all sorts of manoeuvres in tight spaces made for an exhilarating ride. But man do you feel the cold on the boat...

Queenstown, New Zealand has some of the most spectacular alpine scenery in the world, in addition to the wonderful alpine views it has very cold weather!!  snow, ice, sleet, hail, rain - you name it, they get it.

Bushbuck Polar X Puffer Jacket Queenstown- Kjet
Bushbuck Polar X Puffer Jacket, Kjet Queenstown
Bushbuck Polar X Puffer Jacket, Kjet Queenstown
Bushbuck Polar X Puffer Jacket, Kjet Queenstown
The KJet team operate outside in most weather conditions, many parts of the river often don’t see the sun and driving a jetboat at high speeds in cold/wet conditions makes them require a jacket that’s going to be tough, provide warmth and adequate water resistance on those harsh winter days to keep them happy. Their jacket of choice is the Bushbuck Polar X Down Puffer Jacket.

The Bushbuck Polar X Down Puffer Jacket is made from tough water-resistant and windproof outer canvas which is treated with DWR, it’s filled with 800 fill power duck down which provides insane insulation, and it’s lined with microfleece on the neck and pockets, which all together, make this one of the toughest and warmest jackets on the market.

KJet employs many staff who are constantly in the elements and having a jacket that will not let them down when the going gets tough is particularly important in their industry.

Support local and head out for an experience with Kjet next time you are in Queenstown.

And just a wee finisher to end with from one of the boat drivers at Kjet:

“Oh, mate it gets me through the cold days and the icy mornings. Yea I love the Bushbuck jacket, yea nah she does well”

- Jake Mcewan



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