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Our Story

From humble beginnings run from a garage in Christchurch New Zealand, to shipping orders all around the world – providing hunters & outdoorsman alike with top quality, affordable clothing & equipment – Bushbuck has grown into a well-respected, competitive brand.

Initially, our idea was to source useful hunting accessories and sell them ‘direct to the customer’ from Trademe, ebay & the likes, cutting out the middleman and offering the customer the most competitive price on the market. Before long, the business had blossomed into a fully fledged operation and the garage warehouse was no longer satisfactory.

With help from friends and family, the business soon had its own website and had begun to develop some truly innovative products and had the vision that shone brightly. The Bushbuck of today now represents the hard work, originality, problem solving and loyalty of all those involved from the ground up.

Established in 2012 with nearly a decade of development under our belt, we can now proudly say that we are pushing for a spot at the top of the hunting & outdoor mountain and as we continue to strive to develop better and more cutting edge products we hope to get there sooner rather than later.

Most recently, Bushbuck has made the leap into the ocean with the launch of Seabuck. The door is wide open for the brand to expand in both the land and ocean hunting outdoor sectors. It is hard to tell what the future will hold. However, there is one certainty: Bushbuck will continue to push to the top of the industry, so that you can continue to push to the top of the mountain.


We are 100% NZ owned & operated and employ 10 Kiwi staff. All our products are developed and designed here in New Zealand, but our bulk manufacturing is done by our excellent craftsman off shore. We are a direct (B2C) Business to Customer company therefore we can offer a top-quality product at a more competitive price than a lot of our competition. We have a big emphasis on supporting local business and do so with our 3PL warehousing, repairs, videography/marketing and more. Everything is done in the local NZ economy apart from our bulk manufacturing. We also support local charities such as the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the 24/7 YouthWork Trust.


Bushbuck’s ethos is “Hardcore Outdoors” - we aim to push the boundaries and design the most technologically advanced, tough & durable outdoor gear & products on the market. This ethos breaks us away from the general consumer outdoor brands which tend to fit into the softcore urban outdoors sector with gear that generally doesn’t stand the test of time when used in harsh & testing environments.


Sustainability & protecting the environment has become a major consideration in our design/ production stage and doing it right is important for us. So, we are starting with what we can easily control first - make gear that lasts and serves its primary purpose, repairing & fixing garments when we can as to further increase their lifespan and recycle what we can. In 2021 we have implemented recycled card for hangtags & packaging and this trend with continue throughout our packaging and other aspects of the business in the near future. We are also on a mission to find a legitimate compostable courier bag by 2022 as our extensive research has proven that most on the market are in fact NOT able to be thrown into your household green bin. We are exploring several new & natural sustainable sports fabrics and these will start to appear 2021. This is just the start of our sustainability journey.

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