Sam Neame

Sam Neame

Sam Neame is the Product Developer and Designer and Graphic Designer at Bushbuck. He has been with the company since 2018 when it was just him and founder, Tim Dunn, so he knows the ins and outs of Bushbuck better than most.

Sam was born in Nelson, New Zealand, at the Top of the South Island. He studied at the University of Otago in Dunedin for four years and currently resides in Wellington.

His role at Bushbuck consists of developing new products and ensuring our current product line is fit for purpose. He also handles graphic design for the website and marketing.

He's a huge music fan (particularly hip hop) and enjoys good food, fishing and sports, particularly basketball, cricket and golf.

His main outdoors activity is fishing and he's always checking the weather for the next opportunity to take the dinghy out or to convince friends to take him out on their boat. He spends "stupid amounts of money" on fishing gear and thinks he might be addicted.

Sam's favourite wilderness spot in New Zealand is D’Urville island in the Marlborough Sounds. Growing up, he spent lots of time fishing around the island as his good friend has a bach at Okiwi Bay. 

He says it's one of the most incredible fisheries in the country (and probably the world). It fires all year round with all of New Zealand’s favourite target species. He would love to own a property on the island one day.

Something most people don't know about Sam is he's terrified of spiders.