Our mission is to engineer premium quality, high-performance products that elevate your adventure. Built for the rugged wilderness and waters of New Zealand, Bushbuck is proven to perform in the world’s harshest environments.

What Bushbuck stands for

At Bushbuck, we understand everyone’s on their own journey. Whether you’re hunting in remote 

wilderness, hiking on well-trodden trails, exploring in the ocean, or working hard on the land, Bushbuck will help you take that next step — and then some.

We’re fully committed to engineering the world’s most innovative outdoors apparel and equipment that pushes the limits of durability, sustainability, and performance.

But fancy words only mean so much when you’re out there amongst it, beating a path through the backcountry and battling the elements. When push comes to shove, you want gear you can depend on in the most unforgiving environments. That’s what Bushbuck stands for.

Founded in 2012 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Bushbuck has grown into an industry-leading hunting and outdoors brand and expanded into international markets. Our disruptive direct-to-consumer business model allows us to deliver maximum value to customers while upholding the highest quality standards.

Hunting roots

Hunting is at our core. Engineering hunting gear has required us to operate at the forefront of innovation from the beginning. Hunters demand the absolute best from their gear and we’ve embraced the challenge.

Over the years, our product range has expanded to encompass the wider hunting and outdoors experience, always applying the same hardcore engineering ethos to everything we make.

Today, Bushbuck is popular with hunters, hikers, campers, farmers, tradies and anyone who requires tough, functional, high-performance gear.

Our team is relentlessly exploring new frontiers in engineering and performance to bring you the ultimate in outdoors clothing and equipment — from our socks right up to our rooftop tents.

All Bushbuck gear is tried and tested in our backyard — the rugged wilderness and waters of New Zealand, one of the world’s ultimate adventure destinations.

Adventure is a way of life in New Zealand. At Bushbuck, we live it every day. Yes, we’re a gear company. But, ultimately, Bushbuck is about supporting every customer on their journey into the great outdoors. Whatever your next step is, we’re ready to take it with you.