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Prym1 Camo

PRYM1® Camo

Merge with your environment, get closer to the action, and take control of your hunt with Prym1® Camo, Bushbuck’s chosen camouflage partner.

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A New Breed of Hybrid Camouflage

Prym1® is an advanced camouflage technology that utilises the detailed colours and tones of nature and the organic shapes and characteristics of wildlife to effectively conceal your movement in the outdoors. Unlike traditional ‘sticks and leaves’ camouflage or pixellated digital patterns, Prym1® is a true hybrid camo, forged from the elements of nature. Proven to perform in New Zealand environments, it’s the ultimate concealment solution for evolving hunters.


Be unseen.

The science of Prym1®

Developing the world’s most effective and innovative camouflage starts with a deep understanding of animal vision, movement and behaviour. By reverse-engineering nature, Prym1® helps hunters disappear into their surroundings and close distance with the control and composure of an apex predator.


Field of vision

Most hooved animals, such as deer, have eyes on either side of the head, which gives them wider peripheral vision compared to humans. A deer’s field of vision spans about 270 degrees, whereas a human's is approximately 120 degrees. Also, their oval pupils are oriented laterally, meaning they’re optimised to focus on the entire horizon at once. Interestingly, even when a deer is grazing, its eyes will rotate to maintain peripheral vision. These evolutionary traits allow deer to be more aware of predators approaching from all angles and distances. But with eyesight optimised for breadth and depth, deer lack the detail and clarity of human vision.

Prym1® Camo

Focus & clarity

The science of deer vision is always evolving, but it’s generally accepted that deer have a narrow horizontal band of clear vision. For the most part, deer vision is blurry, like that of a human who needs glasses. They aren’t able to focus on detail and, instead, have evolved to recognise outlines of shapes. Aside from scent and sound, this is the most common way deer detect hunters. This is why it’s important hunters use a camouflage like Prym1® that utilises organic shapes and patterns to create the illusion of depth so your outline blurs into the background, making it much harder for deer, or any animal, to see you.

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Colour & light

Deer have “dichromatic” vision, which means their eyes only have two types of light and colour receptors, whereas humans have three. Scientists have determined deer are effectively red-green colour-blind, meaning most shades of green, brown, yellow, orange and red appear as similar colours. This is why hunters can use bright orange clothing as camouflage. Deer also lack an ultraviolet (UV) filter, which makes their eyes more sensitive to light at the blue end of the spectrum. Deer may also be able to detect UV brighteners and dyes present in most fabrics and laundry detergents. Effective camouflage takes full advantage of deer colour-blindness, utilising shades that are hard to see and abundant in their natural habitats.

One with nature

One with nature

A wild predator stalking its prey needs to be able to move through terrain undetected. Predators like tigers, leopards and wolves have evolved to have unique patterns, shapes and colours — nature’s camouflage optimised over millennia. When you look at animal camouflage, it’s typically composed of macro or micro patterns, depending on a predator’s hunting style. A tiger, for example, has a macro or “broad range” pattern, which is best for stalking and closing distance. Whereas, a leopard has a micro or “narrow range” pattern, which is suited to sneaking, waiting, and ambushing their prey. Hunters typically use a hybrid style, which incorporates moving and closing distance, as well as luring and ambushing. For this, hunters need a hybrid camouflage.

A hybrid solution

A hybrid solution

Traditional ‘sticks and leaves’ camouflage isn’t designed for fluid movement and pixelated digital patterns don’t take advantage of natural elements. Prym1® is a true hybrid concealment solution that utilises organic shapes and non-directional digital patterns to transform hunters into wild predators. Using both macro and micro patterns, Prym1® gives hunters superior concealment across the full spectrum of hunting styles — whether you’re stalking across long distances or setting an ambush. The disruptive Prym1® patterns create the illusion of depth, helping to erase your outline and avoid detection across a range of distances and environments.

Prym1® is the result of years of studying wildlife and the intricacies of movement, light, shapes and colours. Extensive research and years of testing in the field have proven Prym1® to be one of the world’s most versatile and effective concealment solutions.

Our chosen camo

Bushbuck has partnered with Prym1® to provide hunters with a superior camouflage solution that performs across a range of environments. Extensively tested by hunters in New Zealand and around the world, Prym1® allows you to become one with the land — just like a predator in the wild. We’re proud to offer Prym1® Camo across our Bushbuck and Seabuck products.

Woodlands® Camo

Prym1 Woodlands® has been developed as a concealment solution for hunting in lush forests and wooded terrain. The non-directional, hybrid camouflage is designed to blend in with the flora and fauna, while also offering the flexibility of stealth movement across diverse terrain. 

Effective across varying distances, Woodlands® is particularly useful for cutting the distance on your target, helping you get closer for a more successful, ethical shot.

The camo emulates the natural diffusion of light through leaves and branches of the forest canopy, helping you to disappear into your environment like a wild predator. Woodlands® is an excellent choice for hunting in New Zealand bush and forests, or similar wooded terrain around the world.

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MP® (multi-purpose) Camo

Prym1 MP® (multi-purpose) is a highly versatile hybrid camouflage for all seasons and a wide range of environments. Featuring lighter tones with subtle hints of organic browns and greens, MP® has been fine-tuned for hunters who are moving through different terrains. 

Whether you’re hunting in New Zealand’s native bush, exposed tops, tussock country, or the unique volcanic terrain of the central North Island, MP® provides unprecedented concealment for hunting ungulate species.

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Prym1 Shoreline® is a camouflage solution for spearfishers and divers in open water. The blue and black colour combination provides excellent concealment in the dappled light and movement of the ocean, helping you to remain undetected by the fish you’re hunting. 

Shoreline® camo is also suitable for hunting in the shallows around rocks and reefs, making it a versatile option for spearfishing wetsuits. All Seabuck wetsuits are available in Shoreline® camo.

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As the name suggests, Prym1 Ambush® camo has been developed for catching fish by surprise. Ambush® keeps you concealed in the deep, dark waters of the ocean and around rocks, reefs, kelp and seaweed when spearfishing and diving.

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A great alternative to a traditional black wetsuit, PRYM1 Blackout® camo is designed for spearfishing in darker waters and overcast conditions. It also provides effective concealment around rocks, reefs, kelp, and seaweed when spearfishing and diving.

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